Winter 2022 Club Audit

Basic Information

The deadline for the Winter 2022 audit is May 17 at 11:59pm.

If we have any questions or issues with your audit, we will contact you at both your individual email and the official club email. Once the audit is complete, your audit score will be available prior to the next audit. Clubs with failing scores will be contacted sooner. Please refer back to audit workshop slides for guidance.

Please put your club's name here as it is recognized by the Students' Society of McGill University and as it is written in your club's constitution - no acronyms or nicknames please!
Please provide your Club's official SSMU email address
If you do not know you're CLU#, please check this document containing the most recent list of CLU numbers.

1) Important Instructions

Please download the transaction list template and fill in the list of your transactions for the audit period

You should fill out the transaction list as follows:

Revenues/Expenses: Indicate whether the transaction is a revenue, expense, or a deposit.

From/To: Please indicate the source of funds (for revenues) or where the money was spent (for expenses). If the transaction was a cheque transaction, this would be the cheque payee.

Event Number:: You must assign each event with unique number.

Event Name::Name of the event. *Note, one event number cannot have multiple event names! Please keep this consistent.

Description: Please include a detailed description of the transaction. For example, "Purchase of 150 samosas for 19 January 2018 samosa sale".

Cheque / ACH / Credit / Cash / Payable / Receivable / Other:Please select the type of transaction. If in case you have selected ‘Other’, please write down the details in the disclosure.

Reimbursed Executive:Please select who has been reimbursed. *Note, if it’s not a reimbursing transaction, you must list it as N / A.

Account Number:Use this drop-down menu to select the SSMU accounting number corresponding to the type of expense or source of revenue.*Note: If it’s a deposit, make sure to select ‘DEPOSIT’.

Amount: Please enter the amount of the transaction.

Date: Indicate the date of the receipt or expenditure. For cheques, this would be the date that the cheque was written, not the day that the cheque cleared your bank account. For cash receipts (revenues), this would be the day that the cash was received.

References: Enter the reference number that you have assigned to the catalogued receipt associated with this transaction. The reference number must correspond with labelled receipt and all other documentation submitted for this individual transaction.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

2) Disclosures

In order to verify that your transactions add up, the SSMU also needs some additional information.

Please include any additional information that you would like to provide to the Club Auditor. You should include, at minimum:

- a list of outstanding cheques (cheques that have not yet cleared your bank account as of the end of the audit period).

- details about any transactions that you expect may be confusing for the Club Auditor.

- a list of any cheques that cleared your bank account during this audit period but for which the expense was incurred (and recorded) during the previous audit period.

- if your cheque numbers are not sequential (e.g. you have listed a cheque #008 and cheque #010, but no cheque #009), the reason that they are not sequential (usually an outstanding cheque, a cheque used to cash a float, or a void/lost cheque).

3) Receipts and Documentation

Your club is required to submit accompanying documentation for all transactions listed on your transaction listing.

The documentation should be catalogued by a "reference number", which will correspond to the reference number on the transaction listing. It is up to you to assign reference numbers to each transaction. The documentation should be organized in such a way that it can be easily referenced to the transaction listing. If there is more than one piece of documentation for a transaction then each piece of documentation should be marked with the same reference number.

For example, for a payment to a venue listed as an expense on the transaction listing marked with reference #001, there may be a cheque stub, an invoice, and a receipt. In this case, all 3 pieces of documentation would all be indicated as "reference #001". Please ensure you clearly identify any receipts for events/projects for which you have received SSMU Funding.

Documentation that must be submitted includes:

- Original receipts for all purchases.

- Invoices, contracts, etc for services without receipts.

- Bank deposit book copies, and deposit receipts, for all deposits.

- Any other documentation that may be required to verify a transaction.

For SSMU funding, you only need to include the approval email, but do not need to include the deposit slip as funding is deposited directly into club bank accounts.

Please submit all supporting documents as ONE PDF file. Do NOT include zip files. There are many ways to do this depending on what type of computer/ software you use.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Merged PDF of all receipts. Maximum size is 250 MB.

Accuracy of Information

It is paramount that you complete this form honestly and to the best of your ability. Any falsification of information is grounds for withdrawal of current funding and/or future funding privileges.