SSMU Grocery Program Spring 2024

The SSMU grocery program – Spring 2024 edition registration form is now open!

The SSMU Grocery Program is an initiative made in an effort to help those in our community dealing with issues related to food insecurity. It is a free program we plan to offer to our members who are missing basic food necessities as a result of financial constraints and rising costs due to inflation, where they can come and collect non-perishable cupboards and kitchen staples. The program will be facilitated by the SSMU from our University Centre on rue McTavish, directly on campus, and will be open to any of our members who need to pick up groceries whether last-minute items or cooking basics.

If you want fresh produce, please register on the SNAC website.

If you would like to volunteer and help us out for this program please fill this form out, thank you!




The form is now closed.