Request for Website Design and Support

Please note that the Club Website Designer takes website requests on a first come, first served basis. By filling out this form, you are adding your club to the waitlist. Once your club reaches the top of the waitlist, the Club Website Designer will reach out to you by email to schedule a meeting to discuss design requests. Thank you for your patience.


Assistance is limited to student groups of the Students’ Society of McGill University only.

Creating a New Website

Fill this in if you want a new website

SSMU can provide you with a subdomain under, which will take for form This includes hosting on the SSMU clubs server and is free.

You are also able to use a custom domain but this is not free. If you wish to have your own domain, your group needs to make the necessary arrangements to buy a domain. If you are buying your own domain, you can still get hosting with the SSMU, but you will need to configure the domain to redirect to the location of the site on the SSMU server. Example: can redirect to

Modifying an existing website, technical issue or other

Please fill this in if you want to modify an existing website, you have a technical issue or any other request.