Groceries Program Registration

The pilot SSMU Grocery Program is here! Stop by the University Center and pick up a tote, a voucher for a grocery store of choice, and lunch provided by Poulet Rouge (limited bowls available, only on Dec 12). Please register below. Pick-up will take place on December 12 and 13 between 1 pm and 5 pm.

This form will close once the limit of applicants have been reached. As of 12/05/22  at 1:11 PM there are 15 spots left.

The pilot SSMU Grocery Program is an initiative made in an effort to address food insecurity. It is a free program that the SSMU is offering to our members who are facing financial constraints and rising food costs due to inflation. The program will be facilitated by the SSMU from our University Centre on rue McTavish, directly on campus, and will be open to any of our members who need to purchase groceries whether last-minute items or cooking basics. We hope to implement a permanent program based on this year’s pilot, so we appreciate your feedback!

Student Information

Picking up bag

Please note that as of Monday, December 5, the only date available for pickup is December 13.
Please let us know if you want a notification to be alerted that bag is ready for pickup via text or email.

Contact us

Please contact us at if you want to cancel your registration or reschedule your pickup