Sanctions Appeals Form

How the Appeals Process Works 

  1. Once you submit an appeal, it goes to the Clubs and Services Coordinator who will then review your sanction(s) and any new information.
  2. The Clubs and Services Coordinator may set up a meeting to discuss the sanction and appeal.
  3. The Clubs and Services Coordinator will create a summary of the reasons for sanction and reasons for appeal and present it to the Student Group Administration Committee for review. The Student Group Administration Committee is the deciding body on appeals. In the case of a status revision, it will be referred to the Clubs Committee or Services Review Committee for a final decision.


Primary Contact

Please indicate the name and contact information for the primary contact from your club. This person will be the one contacted for additional information on the appeal.
Please provide your official position in the group.

Group Information

Sanction Details

You must have a legitimate reason for an appeal, not agreeing or not liking a sanction is not sufficient. If you don’t understand why you were sanctioned, you can learn more on the Student Group Resources Page. Please make sure to include as much relevant information as possible in your appeal.