Zoom Pro Account Booking

SSMU have purchased Zoom Pro licenses for Clubs and Services. Booking a Zoom Pro meeting for your group will allow you to have meetings with up to 1000 participants.

Please provide the name of your group.
Please provide your group's official @ssmu.ca email address.
Indicate whether your group is a club or service.
Note that you must be a group exec in order to book the Zoom resource.
Please provide you executive position within the group.
Please provide the name of an alternate exec contact for this meeting.
Please provide the position of the alternate exec you indicated above.
Please provide a tentative date and time for this meeting.
Host controls allow a single user to control all aspects of the meeting such as: muting and managing participants, creating breakout rooms, polling, etc. If the goal of your meeting is simply to have more than 2 people meeting for an unlimited time with no interventions from a host, then host controls are not needed. If you plan on having a host who controls the meeting, then you will want host controls. For more information on host controls, please refer to Zoom's Meetings Controls article.