Banking Services Contract

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2023-2023 Signing Officer 1

2022-2023 Signing Officer 2

2022-2023 Signing Officer 3 (Optional)

Contract Conditions - We have read and understood the conditions contained in this Agreement and we accept the following conditions:

Form will be signed in person at the mandatory club workshop
  • a) the club/service bank account is overdrawn;
  • b) there is suspicious activity in the club/service bank account;
  • c) there is default by one or more of the signing officer(s) in fulfilling their obligation(s) described in the articles of this contract;
  • d) the club/service fails a club audit;
  • e) the club/service loses its SSMU recognized club/service status;
  • f) there is little or no bank activity for a period of twelve (12) months;
  • g) the club/service fails to notify SSMU accounting of a change in signing officer(s) within 24 hours;
  • h) the club/service violates any SSMU rules and regulations respecting clubs/services;
  • i) the club/service opens or maintains another bank account;
  • Signatures of Signing Officers

    Instructions: Please fill out this form in order to apply for a SSMU Bank account for your club or change your bank account’s signing officers. Once filled out, you will receive an email with the completed form.